06th Launch (02.24.2015)

posted Apr 28, 2015, 10:12 PM by Manuel Roca   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 1:18 PM ]

Relative Humidity & Temperature

Notice the low RH values between 7 and 11 km before to enter to a thick cirrus layer. The relative humidity at tropopause level is higher than expected, it suggests a saturation of the humidity sensor.
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Water Vapor

In contrast to RH profile, the mixing ratio profile shows the real water vapor amount through the entire altitude profile. An evidence of it is the lowest value of water vapor in the tropopause.
Also it might be seen the cirrus layer.
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Ascent rate

Notice the presence of wind bursts until 7 km. The average ascent rate was 4.56 m/s, it is enough to take measurements correctly.

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Balloon trajectory

As most previous radiosoundings the trajectory was westwards. 
This trajectory shows some gaps near to the maximum altitude probably due to a radio signal interference by cloud layers (cumulonimbus to the west).
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The principal parameters of launch preparation and flight are shown in the table below.

Photo gallery

Taken from the launching point. Some pictures show the direction towards they were taken. 
Notice the presence of low (cumulus) and high (cirrus) clouds.
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