01st Launch (01.19.2015)

posted Apr 5, 2015, 7:29 AM by Manuel Roca   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 2:32 PM ]

Relative Humidity & Temperature

Notice the different cloud layers between 4 and 12 km, represented by increases of relative humidity. The coldest point shows the tropopause height (between 16 and 17 km in the figures).
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Water Vapor

The linear scale shows an increment of water vapor at an altitude about 6 km as it is shown in the RH profile, but the humidity increment in RH profile between 8 and 10 km is not clearly displayed in the mixing ratio profile, because this interval has less amount of water vapor.

The logarithm scale shows much better the low values of water vapor, principally around the tropopause (16 to 17 km, consistent with the temperature profile).Xppmv_1st_launch
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Ascent rate

For the first launch,  the balloon was filled up with 300 PSI of He, that in agreement with previous experiences at this site.
This yielded an average ascent rate of 3.2 m/s: too low!
The IMET software displayed warnings for this ascent rate is insufficient. However, regardless the warnings, data was received and saved.
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Balloon trajectory

Initially the balloon followed a curly trajectory and between 16 and 17 km (consistent with the tropopause height) it was transported westwards, over the Altiplano. This type of trajectory is common in this season (summer in southern hemisphere) because large scale wind blows westwards, while in winter it blows eastwards.
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The principal parameters of launch preparation and flight are shown in the table below.

Photo gallery

Taken from the launching point. Some pictures show the direction towards they were taken.

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