13th Launch (04.13.2015)

posted Jun 1, 2015, 1:56 PM by Manuel Roca

Relative Humidity & Temperature

Observe the clear stratification among low, middle and high clouds.The low clouds have a high  level of relative humidity in contrast to middle clouds.
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Water Vapor

The mixing ratio profile shows a high amount of humidity of the low clouds. Observe that middle clouds layer has a considerable width.
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Ascent rate

In this case the balloon was filled at 500 bar, for that, the ascent rate was reduced to 4.4 m/s. As usual, there was high variability in the ascent rate until 8 km.
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Balloon trajectory

For the third consecutive time, the wind below the tropopause was southeastward and above it was westward, like a shear kind.
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The principal parameters of launch preparation and flight are shown in the table below.

Photo gallery

Taken from the launching point. Some pictures show the direction towards they were taken. 
Notice the presence of several cumulus and altocumulus around all sky.
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